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Build Your Own Chocolate Basket
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  • Build Your Own Chocolate Basket to Uzbekistan

    Unfold your curiosity - select the sweets and other gift contents you'd love your recipient to enjoy, and we'll fill this hand-weaved basket and deliver! Note: the look of the completed basket will vary depending on your unique selection.
  • What's in Build Your Own Chocolate Basket

    - Custom content as chosen by you;
    - Gift container as described;
    - Greeting card.

    Attention: gift packaging type and brands may vary based on delivery location and season.
    Please review our Delivery Policy
    for complete delivery terms.
  • Our florist needs 1 business days to deliver your order in Uzbekistan.

    Our florist provides flower delivery in all locations in Uzbekistan.

    Our florist delivers gifts and flowers locally within Uzbekistan, which ensures fast service & fresh flowers upon arrival. Please review flower delivery policy.

    Soonest possible delivery for Uzbekistan is: Want it Saturday, October 1?
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Build Your Own Chocolate Basket to Uzbekistan

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1 . Chocolates & Sweets

Box of Milk Chocolates (150 gr) - $ 44.95 (USD)
Box of Chocolate Truffles (125 gr) - $ 49.95 (USD)
Milk Chocolate Bar (100 gr) - $ 7.95 (USD)
Dark Chocolate Bar (100 gr) - $ 7.95 (USD)
Box of Chocolate Cookies (250 gr) - $ 22.95 (USD)
Box of Shortbread Cookies (250 gr) - $ 19.95 (USD)
Chocolate spread (200 gr) - $ 14.95 (USD)
Fruit Jam (280 gr) - $ 14.95 (USD)
Ground Coffee - Lavazza (200 gr) - $ 25.95 (USD)
Ceylon Black Tea (100 gr) - $ 24.95 (USD)
Green Tea Sachets (40 gr) - $ 17.95 (USD)
Peppermint Herbal Tea (20 tea bags) - $ 14.95 (USD)
Cake (~ 500-700 gr) - $ 49.95 (USD)
Hazelnut Chocolate Waffles - $ 14.95 (USD)
Toblerone Milk Chocolate Bar (100 gr) - $ 14.95 (USD)

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All wine bottles offered are 750 ml by volume. The exact winery and vintage / year is based on a regional availability. If a selected wine is out of stock: it may be replaced with wine of equal or higher value.

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country linkUzbekistan
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