Please note that with Global Coronavirus Pandemic getting under control, we adjusted to a 'new normal' and fully resumed a delivery service in Russia and in most countries Worldwide. Please check our COVID-19 page for further updates and possible delays due to lockdown in some countries.


Conceived over a business lunch in Moscow while the Cold War still raged on, was but a dream for many years. Russian Entrepreneur Dimitriy Peregudov vowed to himself and to his business partners, while still a Russian university student, that one day he would use the Internet to convey his vision all over the world. International Friendship and Gift Giving, True Love Without Borders, and Innovative Products: that is the foundation of Mr. Peregudov's vision. We have been pleased to offer luxury gift baskets and corporate gifts to the upper echelons of Russian and International Society since 2003.

Executive Team and Board of Advisors

Dmitriy Peregudov, Founder and CEO - Mr. Peregudov is a recent graduate of Babson College's Olin School of Business (Wellesley, MA), majoring in Entrepreneurship. He also boasts an MS in Engineering from Moscow State University of Communications. In the past, Mr. Peregudov has been employed as a Software Engineer with Fairchild Semiconductor Inc. and Analog Devices Inc.

About five years ago, Mr. Pereg co-founded one of the largest flower and gift delivery networks in Eastern Europe and CIS, and recently he co-founded Onsite Videos: The Video Marketing company. Dmitriy's responsibilities within lay around Search Engine Marketing and Business Development, not to mention being our company's in-house visionary.

Ksenia Belekh, VP of Product Development and COO - Ms. Belekhova develops our entire product catalog and is the driving force and creative mastermind behind the creation of the KORZ Project ( Ms. Belekhova's creative thinking and enthusiasm have made the KORZ Project a huge success for our company. Her previous experience was in Marketing and Public Relations in various companies in Chelyabinsk, Russia and more recently in Moscow, Russia. Ms. Belekhova has also performed consulting work for the Boeing Corporation (Seattle, WA). Ms. Belekhova has received an MS in Engineering from Moscow State University of Aviation Technology, and focuses her talents around Strategic Planning, Operations Management and Partner Channel Development on behalf of