Please note that with Global Coronavirus Pandemic getting under control, we adjusted to a 'new normal' and fully resumed a delivery service in Russia and in most countries Worldwide. Please check our COVID-19 page for further updates and possible delays due to lockdown in some countries.

Digital Picture (Video) of Delivery

While we offer digital picture service in most cities - in some smaller towns the digital picture of delivery is not available.

Are there cities where you can guarantee the digital picture of delivery ?

Gifts to Russia offers digital picture in most large services cities, however we do not guarantee that the picture will be made for other reasons outlined below.

Why is Digital Picture (Video) of Delivery not guaranteed ?

  • The recipient declines our request to make a digital photo or video
  • The recipient is not present at the delivery location at the time of delivery
  • Our delivery agent does not have digital or analog camera or scanning equipment in the city of delivery (mostly in small towns and vicinities of large cities). if you paid for the video - video payment will be credited back to you or offered a store credit

I would like you to make a delivery ONLY if you can make a picture of delivery. Otherwise - please cancel my order!

Since the picture of delivery service is not guaranteed - we can not accept the requests such as the one above. We simply can not know whether the picture will be made, as it is often up to the recipient - whether we can make a picture.
By law, we can't force the recipient to get photographed. If the recipient declines our request to take a picture, please ask him (her) directly what were the reasons.
Since the order was completed and shipped out for delivery - no full refund is possible even if the picture is not taken. Once again, we never guarantee the picture under any circumstances.

Digital Video of Delivery

Digital Video of Delivery service is available in the most serviced cities and their vicinities.